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Collectible Watches! Whether for hobby or mere entertainment the passion for old, antique and collectible watches inspires a multitude of collectors. Always buying quality men’s wrist watches, Vacheron, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Blancpain, Piaget, Cartier, Tiffany, Breitling, Omega, Tag Heuer and others.  We also purchase quality pocket watches. Prior to 1875, when the internal winding mechanism was introduced, antique watches were wound and set by key. The value of keyed watches is determined mainly by their cases with those of exceptional quality attracting exceptional prices. Late 1800 and Early 1900 antique American watches, especially highly accurate American railroad watches, are very collectible and easily accessible to the collector. The first American pocket watch maker was English born Thomas Harland of Norwich, Connecticut who was also a silversmith.  A 1796 ad in the Connecticut Gazette describes his wares as “Warranted Watches, of most of the various kinds in use, and of the newest fashion.” Some of the better early producers of American watches were Elgin, Waltham, Rockford, Hamilton, Hampden, and Howard. Jewelers such as Cartier and Tiffany & Co. also produced watches, mostly desired for the beauty and quality of workmanship of the cases.


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