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Gold Buying- See Us Last

Tiquehunter Antiques, Jewelry and Coin is the only store in the area that has invested in the new state of the art Niton Precious Metal Analyzer that will show you exactly what your jewelry contains, and pay you accordingly.

As a business our main concern is to bring a level of fairness and integrity to the antique, gold, silver and diamond buying market. Don’t just take the word of other gold and silver buyers as far as what Karat gold your property is- have it analyzed. Have you noticed that no other gold and silver buyers tell you to go to their competitors first for a price and then come to them? At Tiquehunter Antiques, Jewelry and Coin,  we do because we’re confident we pay the highest prices. When it comes to selling your antiques, gold and silver you have a lot of choices. With hundreds of companies trying to buy your items, we know how difficult it can be to find a buyer you can trust.  At Tiquehunter Antiques, Jewelry and Coin, we’re all about establishing long lasting client relationships based on integrity.

Highest prices paid for estate jewelry, diamonds, broken gold items, sterling flatware, silver and gold coins, watches, antiques and much more. Stop by Tiquehunter Antiques, Jewelry and Coin or call for a free in home evaluation. Whether you’re looking for antique furniture, fine jewelry or that unique gift, their showroom offers many choices. Tiquehunter Antiques, Jewelry and Coin is located at 797 Upper Glen Street in Queensbury, NY, or for even more information, call 518-636-0546.