Coins and Coin Collections

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Do you have old coins that you have inherited or collection that you wish sell? Tiquehunter Antiques, Jewelery & Coin is your number one choice for all of your buying and selling currency needs in the Northeast. Whether you are looking to buy silver coins or you have coin collections or even single coins that you want to sell, we buy silver coins and gold coins for cash. We are your trusted buyer of rare coins, coin collections, bullion, certified coins, graded coins, mint error coins, proof coins and more. At Tiquehunter Antiques, Jewelry & Coin, we pay great prices for your valuable coins. Whether you have an old collection of various coins or an old bag of pre 1965 dimes, we will buy your coins and currency. We pay top dollar and offer you a safe and trusted environment to sell your coins.

Silver Coins We Buy

  • US Silver Dimes pre 1965 (1964 or before)
  • US Silver Quarters pre 1965 (1964 or before)
  • US Silver Half Dollars pre 1965 (1964 or before)
  • US Silver Dollars Liberty, Trade, Morgan and Peace
  • American Silver Eagles

Gold Coins We Buy

  • American Gold Eagles (Proof American Gold Eagles)
  • American Gold Buffalos
  • US Liberty and Indian Head Eagles

We Sell Coins

Tiquehunter Antiques, Jewelry & Coin also sells gold and silver minted coins. However, with the high demand for gold and silver coins, our inventory is constantly changing. Please don’t hesitate to call or stop by to see what currency we have in stock.  You can also visit our eBay store for some of our latest coin inventory: Tiquehunter on eBay